General & Advanced Surgery

When your pet needs a surgery, you want the most experienced, skilled, and attentive veterinary surgeons to be on your team. Thankfully, just such surgeons can be found at Rye Harrison Veterinary Hospital.

Every surgery we perform is carefully planned from pre-operation to post-operation to ensure your pet has the safest and most effective surgical procedure.

  • Before the surgery, we will schedule a preoperative examination to make sure your pet is healthy enough for the procedure, and allow you to ask any questions you may have. We will also assess your pet for the appropriate amount of anesthesia required, and perform blood work. We will plan to use the safest techniques available for the procedure they require.
  • During the surgery, our staff will closely monitor the pet’s vital signs and use every advanced technology at our disposal to ensure that the patient is receiving the best care possible. We will perform pain management techniques before they even wake up to make their recovery easier.
  • After the surgery, we will closely monitor the pet to ensure they are recovering from the anesthesia as expected. If their behavior is unusual, we will act immediately.

Some of the surgeries which we commonly perform include,

Spay/neuter Procedure – Spaying removes the ovaries and uterus of female animals, and neutering removes the testes of male animals. Spay/neuter procedures prevent pets from reproducing and also provide many health benefits. These are some of the most common surgeries we perform, so our doctors are very confident regarding safety and efficacy.

Soft-tissue Surgery – is any surgery that is unrelated to the joint or bones. Some examples include spay/neuter procedure, laceration repair, and hernia repair.

Surgical Oncology – is performed to contain or stop the spread of cancer throughout the body by removing a tumor, mass, or lesion. When performed effectively it will improve the quality of life for the patient and help them to fight the disease.

Orthopedic surgery treats joint conditions of the elbow, hip, and knees.

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