In-House Laboratory

Pets’ lab test results will be available faster, and with greater precision, thanks to our in-house laboratory.

Many veterinary practices without an in-house diagnostic lab have to ship their samples, wait for the third party to receive them, to test them, and then to draft an explanation of the findings and send it back. Not only does this add time to the diagnostic process, it introduces more chances for contamination of the samples during the shipping process. 

Our in-house lab can provide answers quickly and accurately by bystepping this process, and our clinical team is highly skilled and dedicated to provide correct and scientifically-legitimate testing. Because of our in-house lab, we also have greater quality control and the ability to prioritize samples for serious and time-sensitive cases. Tests that cannot be ran in-house are sent to trusted labs and results are sent as soon as possible.

Some of the tests which we regularly run in our laboratory include,

Complete Blood Count – one of the most common tests run in our laboratory, the complete blood count, can provide an overall picture of pet health and diagnose several diseases such as anemia, infection, and leukemia.

Blood Chemistry Panel – is a series of tests designed to target a specific organ such as the kidneys, pancreas, or liver.

Electrolyte Testing – measures the levels of electrolytes in the body. Electrolytes are vital minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium. Testing electrolyte levels can help to diagnose dehydration, and monitor how different treatments or medications are affecting the body.

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