Wellness Exams

Some people think of bringing their pet to the veterinarian only after they have gotten sick, but annual wellness visits are just as important to pet health as annual physicals are to people.

When your pet is in for a wellness visit, our veterinarians will have the chance to catch any potential diseases when they are in their earliest stages. And the earlier a disease is caught, the easier (and more affordable) it tends to be to treat; and most importantly, your pet will be spared from additional sickness and pain by early prevention.

One of the methods our veterinarians will employ to detect disease will be a physical examination. During this segment of the visit, the veterinarian will turn their trained eyes towards inspecting the animal’s physical wellbeing. This inspection will include the following activities:

  • Checking the eyes and ears with special instrumentation
  • Looking inside the mouth at the teeth and gums (also known as the visual dental assessment)
  • Listening to the heart and lungs with a stethoscope
  • Feeling the joints and musculature of the animal
  • Closely examining the skin and fur
  • Taking a rectal temperature
  • Palpating the abdomen
  • Measuring the weight of the pet

This physical examination can reveal very important information to the doctor. If your pet is a senior, or the veterinarian has any suspicions, diagnostic testing may be recommended to supplement for what cannot be seen visually during a physical examination. A few tests frequently called for include complete blood count, urinalysis, electrolyte testing, and more.

Once a year, we recommend a fecal test. So if your annual wellness exam will be the one time you plan to make a veterinary appointment this year, please try to bring in a fresh stool sample with you. This will help us to ensure your pet is free of intestinal parasites.

We know that as a responsible pet owner, keeping your pet on track to have a long, healthy, and happy life is one of your top priorities. Annual wellness examinations are an important tool for meeting this goal. If your pet is due for their annual visit, please give us a call to schedule at your earliest convenience.

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