X-ray Radiology

Using x-ray technology, a veterinarian can visualize the musculoskeletal system of a pet without an invasive procedure.

X-Ray technology works by exposing the pet’s body to x-ray waves. Although normally invisible to the naked eye, the distribution of the x-ray waves can be turned into images by the x-ray machine. The images of the distribution form a picture of the musculoskeletal system, which they are bouncing off of.

Rye Harrison Veterinary Hospital has the most advanced form of x-ray technology availabledigital x-ray. Unlike traditional film x-rays, digital x-rays use a computer to create the images. Several of the benefits of digital x-ray in comparison to film x-ray include,

  • Faster acquisition of images, which means your pet does not have to sit still for as long
  • More precise and detailed images better inform diagnostic decisions
  • The images can be easily stored electronically for future use
  • The images can be sent to specialists across the country via email

X-rays can diagnose many conditions such as bone breaks and fractures, foreign body ingestion, masses, tumors, infections, and deformities.

A radiological examination is fast and pain-free for the patient. Usually, one veterinarian or a veterinary technician will help the animal to recline on an examination table, and use gentle and safe restraining techniques to prevent them from moving while the image is being captured. After the images are collected, the veterinarian will analyze them for diagnostic information and devise an appropriate treatment plan. If the animal’s condition is rare or complex, a specialist may be contacted to help with the diagnosis.

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